Well normally I’m busy dog walking in Barry, Dinas Powys, Penarth . Now we’re on lock down, however, I’m getting bored! Just like us our dogs get bored and bored dogs can bark excessively, chew your treasured possessions and destroy your home! But how can we relieve boredom in dogs?

In this article I’ll introduce you to 10 easy ways to help you do just that!

1. Freeze That Kong!

Fill a Kong 3/4 full with dog friendly peanut butter or cream cheese, mix in some kibble then pop it in the freezer. When ready to give to your dog, add some unfrozen peanut butter or cream cheese to the remaining quarter and let your dog loose on it! He’ll need to work to get at the good stuff! Great for the summer too!

2. Make Them Work For Their Food!

Dogs are natural scavengers so try hiding treats and food under their bowls, around the house, garden or yard. Use things like the Snuffle Mat to hide treats in or interactive food bowls where your dog has to figure out in which compartment the treat is hidden in. Try doing a treasure hunt with your dog, leave some crumbs about that will lead to the hidden treats or kibble!

3. Give Them A Job To Do Around The House.

My client has a dog who helps with the recycling and even fetches her a towel after showering! Try training your dog to put its toys away or do the recycling. If your dog already knows the ‘drop it!’ command, train them to pick up a toy or piece of recycling and give this command when they are by the toy box or recycling bin.

4. Play Hide And Seek With Your Dog

This is something I used to love doing with my own dogs and is great fun. If your dog knows the ‘Stay!’ command, get them to stay while you go and hide or get a friend or family member to stay with your dog while you run and hide. Playing this can help tire out your dog whilst providing stimulation although I can’t guarantee they’ll be able to count to 100!

5. Build A Digging Box Or Sandpit

If your dog loves digging, particularly if you have a Jack Russell or other terrier, why not build them their very own digging or sand pit for the garden or yard! You can bury their toys in there and encourage them to find them.

6. Rotate Their Toys

Just like kids, dogs can get bored with the same old toys. Get a variety of toys for your dog but don’t leave them out all at once. Rotate them so that they don’t get bored, so that when they come back into rotation, the toy seems like new again!

7. Provide Dog Friendly Chewing Toys

Chewing is perfectly normal in dogs and helps to keep their teeth and gums in good shape. Rope and ridged rubbed toys are good as they are designed so that the ridges and rope get in between the teeth to remove plaque.

8. Making Your Own Dog Toys

Get an old tennis ball, cut a slit along the seam and fill it with treats. Get an empty water bottle and put inside an old long sock. Just tie a string around the sock’s opening to keep the bottle in and dogs will love the crinkly sound the bottle makes when chewing on it. Get an old glove and put some dog treats in its fingers. Plastic bottles can be used by making some holes in them and filling them with dog treats. Try filling some old cereal boxes with dog treats and taping the box up. Add difficulty level by putting the boxes inside other other boxes and placing treats or kibble between each layer.

9. Do Some Simple Obedience Training Each Day

Training your dog to do the basic commands provides lots of mental stimulation. Try doing a few 10 mins sessions each day to teach the basic commands of sit, lay down, shake paw, stay and come here.

10. Get Your Dog A Jolly Ball

Jolly Balls are made from strong, non toxic and durable material and as they don’t require air they can’t deflate! Very durable but soft enough to bite. They come with and without a handle.


Bored dogs can often have a lot of pent up energy which can often lead to destructive behaviours and an unhappy dog. Do you have any other useful tips for relieving boredom in dogs? Please add your comments in the comments box. Find us on FaceBook